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Raid Array on a DL360 G5

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Raid Array on a DL360 G5


I have a DL360 G5.  One of the raided disks is failing.  I have a replacement but looking on the raid array I also have a warning saying

Smart Array P400i in Embedded Slot has one or more cache module batteries/capacitors that are failed. Caching operations such as Expansion, Extension, and Migration are temporarily suspended until the batteries/capacitors are replaced. Please consult the user guide to identify and replace the failed components.

Am I okay to hotswap the disk before I change the battery or must the battery be changed first.  Its a production server so being extra careful.





Re: Raid Array on a DL360 G5


You can replace the failed hard disk online make sure riad should be raid 1, raid 5.....not raid0.

Once the rebuilding complete, try to update SA P400i controller firmware with the latest before battery replacement.

Replace the battery, if the battery doesn't come up after firmware update.

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