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Raid Card Problem

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Raid Card Problem


I have HP Supermicro Server Xeon. There i have hardware raid which is P212 model. I have installed server 2012 standard r2 and got hp array configuration utility software. Raid setup is created by my datacenter. I am just looking status of drives and health like battery etc. 

It has now Raid 1 and Raid 0 created. The problem i am facing is everything works perfect and i refresh array utility. But sometime i get error like No controller found please check cable etc. 

I direct contacted my datacenter they said its software related issues because drives and raid controller is working find. They checked cables too and said they are also fine. Now again raid status showing and after some days it again create same issues.

what is the issue any idea?


Re: Raid Card Problem


Good day,

By default the SSA as to show the information of storage at any intervel .

if the RAID information is  intermitenlty is seen in SSA make sure the firmware/ dirver version on the controller and HDD are upto the mark.

if multpule servers are affected log a case with HPE 

check with different operating system if still issue is following up reach HPE.

Thank you

Ravi swamy 

HPE engineer 


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