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Raid Configuration

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Raid Configuration

I have an ML350 G5.

I have 3 250GB SATA drives that I am trying to set up raid 5.

In the array configuration utility, It shows that I have 1 logical drive at about 238 GB - and it tells me that it is raid 5.

But the utility also shows unused space at about 360 GB.

Looking at the logical drive, I think I should be all set. But when I see the unused space, it makes me think the array is not configured correctly.

Any suggestions?
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Re: Raid Configuration


You can make RAID 5 if you have Base Model - E200i/128MB BBWC, else you need to upgrade to 128 MB BBWC for RAID 5 support. Since it recognizes it like RAID 5 i suggest you have 128 MB cache on the controller.
In ACU when you select the controller and then click "Create Array" , add all of the drives to the array, then create a logical drive and choose RAID 5 there must be 1 logical drive 500GB(1 disk is used for parity). If not and you have unallocated space try extending the logical drive(click on the logical drive and click extend drive) with the unallocated space.

Pieter 't Hart
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Re: Raid Configuration

with an array you group together a number of disks within the controller.
on this array you can create one ore more volumes with different raid levels.

It looks like one volume is created with part of the available space in the array used.(this is no faulty configuration but a choice made in the past).
You can expand the existing volume to add the rest of the he space, or create one or more other volumes.