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Raid Level and Array configuration

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Raid Level and Array configuration


I have a DL380 G4 with 6 x 146Gb 10k
I want 25Go RAID1+0 and about 200Gb RAID5 for the moment.

I've started to conifgure with ORCA 2 Array, 2HD in RAID1 and 4 HD in RAID5. So now I have 2 Array.

I'm not fully satisfy because i don't wan't 146Gb of RAID1.

The question is, could I configure just 1 array containing the 6 HD and create logical unit under.
The problem I saw is that mixing RAID level in a same array is not very good ???? what's your opinion about that ??

The benefits of mixing is much better fault tolerance in RAID 1 situation, true ?? (i can lost 3 HD ??)

My interrogations is about performance/fault tolerance, which solution is better, 1 or 2 array ?

thank you ;-)
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Re: Raid Level and Array configuration

Hi jcd,

The best solution for configuring the RAID arrays is through the Array configuration Utility(ACU) from the Smartstart CD if the controller is a Smart array controller.

More info about ACU is available in:

The RAID concepts and advantages are available in:

Depending on your requirments you can choose the RAID options.

Hope this answers!!!


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Re: Raid Level and Array configuration

thank you for your answer. Link are interesting. But i didn't find "usual practice", what to do and what not to do with a set of 6 drives.

Il know ACU, il know raid concepts, what i don't know is if it is good to have several logical unit with different raid levels in a single array of drives. This functions is available only in ACU, not in ORCA.
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Re: Raid Level and Array configuration


You can have RAID1 for installing OS and configure RAID5 on remaining drives for othe purposes.
Caster Troy
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Re: Raid Level and Array configuration

hi jcd,
i would for solution 1, few days back i had a problem with an ml370 g3, SA641, it was configured with solution 2 style, one disk failed and the card was unable to detect any logical drives(something that should not have happened), although if u r worried about space then wait for another reply, many good folks around here :)
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Re: Raid Level and Array configuration

Thanks for your relevant answer Caster Troy.
I choose few days ago to keep 2 arrays raid 1 and 5.
1 logical unit on raid1 and n logicals units on raid5.