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Raid controller problem

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Raid controller problem



I've 'inherited' an old Proliant DL360 G4 server, and it's got a problem I can't seem to find an answer to, so I'm hoping someone here can help :)


It initially powered up and worked ok, and I went into the array setup screens (F8) to configure the drives. I've got a couple of 146GB drives fitted, set up as raid-1, with Ubuntu 12 server installed.


But after a recent reboot POST now says that '1783-Slot 3 Array controller is in a lock-up State due to a hardware configuration failure.  (Controller is disabled until this problem is resolved)'


The F8 option to go into array  config. now no longer appears when booting. I've also tried booting off a SmartStart CD and using the Array Config Utility on there. But the raid controller is not detected (because it's already disabled by the BIOS, presumably)...


Does anyone know of a way to 'reset' the raid controller config back to factory defaults ? The raid controller on this machine is the Smart Array 6i (integrated onto the motherboard). I've seen lots of suggestions for unplugging the battery backed write cache, but I don't have one of those...


Any  problem in fitting an external, PCI raid card and run off a SATA drive or similar ?


I'm hoping this doesn't mean I need a new motherboard.


Thanks in advance for any help.




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Re: Raid controller problem



Try to Remove all disks from the backplane and see if the errors message 1783 still appear.



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Re: Raid controller problem


If reseating the disks doesnt work you could try some more intese surgery by reseating the scsi backplane & cables.

If this still doesnt help you can always go into the setup & disable the 6i controller & then replace with a SmartArray 641 or 642. These are functionally identical to the 6i (they are expansion card versions of the 6i) & are now available for almost nothing - a quick look on eBay has them for £15 here in the UK.

Hope this is of some help.

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