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Raid manager software under Linux

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Greg Shearer
Occasional Visitor

Raid manager software under Linux


I'm about to start using HP Proliant hardware with SUSE SLES 10. Can anyone point me to information (user manual or similar) for HP raid management software under Linux? I'm familiar with the IBM raid manager and would like to confirm that the HP version provides similar features, particularly e-mail notifications and graphical interface. I haven't been able to find anything through the HP website.

Greg Shearer



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Steven Clementi
Honored Contributor

Re: Raid manager software under Linux


The software you are looking for is ACU - Array Configuration Utility. Though I am not sure if this version...

" "

...will work on SUSE (found this version under Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4), it does provide a graphical interface. Unfortunately, it does not provide e-mail notification.

On a different note, the server itself can be loaded up with HP Insight Agents that DO allow for e-mail notification for various system events. If utilized with HP Systems Insight Manager, you can build a central monitoring environment for all of your servers.

Steven Clementi
HP Master ASE, Storage and Clustering
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Greg Shearer
Occasional Visitor

Re: Raid manager software under Linux


Thanks for your response. I hadn't been able to find any references to the HP documentation. The link you provided was what I was after. Fairly directly led to a user guide which is current as of January 2006. Have to say I'm pretty disappointed with the absence of mail notification. This will only be our 3rd SLES server, and in our environment mail notifcation is very handy.

Thanks again,
Greg Shearer
G.W. Haywood
Occasional Visitor

Re: Raid manager software under Linux

Is there any alternative to the ACU utility?

I've been trying to get it running on one of our DL380s but several different versions have failed, either because the Web interface doesn't work properly with the Netscape version that it claims to support (and other browsers too) or because the ACU itself won't run on the machine.

See this thread:

for more details.