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Raid options

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Raid options

I am working with a Proliant M310 server that is already set with one 34GB main drive and 2 280GB SATA HDDs in a Raid-0. I am needing to increase size and also create redundancy, so I purchased two 500GB SATAs hoping to use one 280GB as the main OS drive, the other 280 GB as a data drive and the two 500GBs in a Raid-1 to host the database for my redundancy. After finally finding this thread ( I am guessing that this will not be possible once I create the Raid. What I am wondering is if the mainboard on the server can handle a Raid 0+1 (500GB+280GB then mirrored for a redundant 780GB). Thanks.
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Re: Raid options

so wait, you say two differnent things as I see. Last, you want to add the capacity of the 2 SATA sized drives together and then mirror. WHile initially you spoke of using one 280 as the OS, one as data and the 2 500's mirrored. That is of course doable, while the last could be done but not that way. Depnding on the RAID management used, you can create 2 RAID1s and add them to a single logical. While you can add 2 physical drive together into a single logic with the RAID, making a RAID0 from the 280 and 500, you could not THEN make a mirror except for a software mirror.
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