Raid problem?

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Raid problem?

One of the HD crashed. So,we replaced with new one. After rebuilding Raid5, some of the date was missing. Can anyone advise me the reason for missing data? I would like to determine whether it is due to Raid5 Hardware problem or Raid5 software problem or Application problem.
I attached ADU log. please help me!
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Re: Raid problem?

I forgot to attach the file. pls find it.
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Re: Raid problem?


what do you mean by data was missed? which files?

I see in the report RAID 5, 4 HDDs, Controller Firmware Rev: 1.92 (very very old), as well as old firmware version for HDDs
HPB6 (B)

latest for controller is:
Version: 2.80 (B) (23 Jan 2008) and for HDDs
Version: HPB8 (C) (18 Jul 2007)

I would say those old firmware could cause your issue having data lost


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Re: Raid problem?

Thank you for your reply.
Actually,the data which missed is not a file,but a part of database file.
(about one thirds of records of a certain table was missed)

Detail of my situation is as follows.

1.Error occured from application saying that "couldn't view that records"
=>at this time, no error on HDD
2.Engineer tried to find the cause for 2,3 hours. Then suddenly error on HDD was detected.
3.Just after the detection,"Hot Swap" was launched automatically.
4."Hot swap" finished without any warning.
5.Engineer check the DB and found that some records are missing.

It is unacceptable for me because data was missed although rebuilding process was successful!!
I will think of firmware update as you advised me.
But,if you have any information other than that, it is very appreciated for me.