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Raid rebuild yellow icon in systray

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Steve Greenwood
Occasional Contributor

Raid rebuild yellow icon in systray

I have just fitted 2 x 500gb IDE hard drives to an SBS2003 server a Proliant ML330G3.. Controller is LSI MegaIde with CSB-6 info in device manager.
On advice I first copied one of the old raid set (40gb) drives to one of the 500gb drives. Then tested it for boot as a single member with a 100gb boot and second 350gb partition. This worked fine. I then installed the second raid drive and the rebuild phase commenced.

questions are 1/ how long would this rebuild phase take as the yellow icon in the sys tray is still saying "drives in rebuilding" phase.

2/where is the graphical raid utility for monitoring this process within sbs2003?

Server is now running slow/erratically.Should the rebuild process be allowed to finish before users log in again as all seems very slow right now.
Thanks for all info Steve
Honored Contributor

Re: Raid rebuild yellow icon in systray

hi Steve

1 question.
it usually takes 10 - 15 minutes per GB (rebuild process)

"Time required for a rebuild
The time required for a rebuild varies considerably, depending on several factors:
â ¢ The amount of I/O activity during the rebuild operation
â ¢ The rotational speed of the hard drives
â ¢ The brand, model, and age of the drives
â ¢ The amount of unused capacity on the drives "

2 question
use this software

HP ProLiant CSB-6 ATA-100 IDE RAID Management Utility for Windows 2000/Windows Server 2003〈=en&cc=us&mode=5&

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