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Raiser card identification


Raiser card identification

How can I tell which devices are connected to which riser card? I would need to check if I don't have more systems where a teamed adapter is plugged in to the same riser card as it was recently discovered? Would the BUS property of Get-NetAdapterHardwareInfo be the one to look for or would there be onother way? Perhaps the HP Powershell ilO module would have something?

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Re: Raiser card identification

I guess it will depend on hardware, not all servers have riser cards.

IMHO you can get an info about the slot, e.g. in ILO.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Raiser card identification

So you mean if slot nymber is diferent than there is no way two NICs will sit on the same riser card right? So then bus number would be equally good indicator I think.


Re: Raiser card identification


There is no cmdlet availalble which can give you information you are looking i mean which raiser card has what devices.

Not even iLO or BIOS has this informaiton from the server.

But if you want to know the device information overall on the server then you can use below BIOS cmdlets.




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Re: Raiser card identification

Won't the Bus property then implicitelly indicate whether a particular network adapter is connected via the same riser card? I thought each bus/slot can hold a maximum of one riser card unless there are models that bridge 2 PCIe slots wchich makes sens for graphics cards but can't think of a reason for having this option for riser cards.