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Ram error on Proliant DL360 G6

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Ram error on Proliant DL360 G6

Hi, I've got a wierd ram error on a Proliant DL360G6. The server (Windows 2008 Ent) was loaded up with 2 processors and 64gb ram (used the ram guide on the inside cover to load them). The server worked fine for about 3 months then decided to reboot itself. When it started to power back up it didnt reach the POST screen before emitting a low pitched beep and displaying a red light on the front panel.

The Ram was made up of the a cobination of 8gb and 2gb Dimms produced by Hynix (fully HP compatible). removing all the ram and leaving just 1 x 8gb dimm inserted (per proc) brought the server back up ok. Event viewer didnt record anything suggestive of the error. Slowly reloading the ram back in identified some of teh ram chips as being at fault. The parts which worked have the following part code:
8gb: 500205-71
2gb: 500202-061

Faulty ram pn: 500202-061 \ replace with 501533-001

I removed 12gb of suspect ram leaving 52gb working and called out HP to swpa the motherboard. they did this twice but produced teh same result, no boot up screen, red light, low pitched beep.

I attempted a firmware update but the server said there were none available, no other updates \ firmware upgrades had been applied prior to the error.

Has anyone any ideas as to what could cause \ fix this?

Re: Ram error on Proliant DL360 G6


Check the below link for memory configration

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Re: Ram error on Proliant DL360 G6

I'm having the exact same problem.

Mine came from the factory as the performance model and came with 12gb ram pre-installed.

I have done nothing to alter the factory state of this server. Last weekend, upon reboot, the same beep (post mentioned above) with no post happened.

I talked with support and we came to the conclusion to replace the motherboard. I replaced the motherboard and still this is happening.

The only way I can get the server online is to only populate dimms 1a and 1b. No other combination works. I can swap all the modules of ram and they all work within the mentioned configuration.

Not sure where to go next....
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Re: Ram error on Proliant DL360 G6

hmm use one cpu at a time in slot 1 add dimms gradually

and run offline diagnostics on memory
4 loops should be enough

then add the other processor in same slot and do the same what is the result

ensure all ram is seated well

check no pins are bent on sys board in cpu slots check carefully

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Re: Ram error on Proliant DL360 G6


Anyone solved this problem? I have exact same problem.
Two dl360g6 work about 5 month with esx and i got ram error each of them after reboot.
2xX5550 2,66 Ghz, 6x 500202-061(pre-installed) and 6x 500203-061

proc 1 | proc 2 | result
abc 500202 | abc 500202 | now fail
abc 500202 &| abc 500202 &| now
def 500202 | def 500203 | fail
abc 500203 | abc 500203 | ok

Re: Ram error on Proliant DL360 G6


when my DL360 gave the same beep code, i found that it was the mixing of 10600R and 10600E dimms....

worth having a look :)

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Re: Ram error on Proliant DL360 G6

Almost the same case.
We have base server DL360G7. 1CPU/6GbRAM (3pcs*2Gb)
Adding second CPU and additional 6 GBRAM in same p/n for 2nd CPU. Installed in 1-4-7 slots.
Starting. Boot well done.
Win2008 R2 STD x64.
In System Event i have thousands errors CRC in module #3
ILO shows the same - ERROR in SLOT3. BUT it is empty! There is NO RAM Module.
Is it problem with MB? Can Firmware upgrading solve this? Server is online and i cant reboot it to check. All works well, except this.
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Re: Ram error on Proliant DL360 G6

I can't find 500205-71. This server uses 500662-B21

How many 8GB and 2GB do you have? I would
use 500662-B21 or get 500662-B21-AX Axiom ram.

You want to fill 3A, 6B, 9C, 2D with 8GB on each CPU for 4 per CPU. You want both of these slots populated on each CPU.

You want each A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H slots to match. So you need pairs.