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Rapid Server RECOVERY

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Rapid Server RECOVERY


I have recently purchased 2 dl380's These are to be configured as cold stanby systems. Due to application problems clustering would not work so for 24*7 we went for redundant power supplies plus RAID 1 with hot spare.
Now if the live server was to drasticaly fail the idea was to move one of the disks from the mirror set into the other server and boot it, and rebuild the mirror set from that disk.
Having tried this when booting the second server the message comes up stating that the disks 1 and hot spare are missing please check & replace. f1 to enter interim recovery mode f2 to disable all logical drives. Entering f1 allows the system to boot and run, but this is now only in single disk mode. When replacing the disks in the server there seems to be noway to may the array recover from the interim recover mode. Both ACU and ADU tell me to replace the failed drives and no matter how many time I restart, reboot reinsert the disks I cant get them to do rebuild.

All I need is a simple procedure to do this. When I used VMS it was posible to intialize the disks and then build a mirror set with them on line quite easily. I have the data the system is running I just need to tell the array to build its self out of the interim recovery mode.

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: Rapid Server RECOVERY

With VMS you where doing software mirroring not hardware mirroring .
With hardware mirroring with a Smart Array Controller , if a drive fails and in particular with an online spare , the mirror will automatically rebuild on the spare drive . You then replace the bad drive online , the Array controller will rebuild this drive when complete the drive will go into service and the online spare will be taken out of service .

If the Server has a problem , you'll have to move all the drives to the other server with the same controller , same configuration .