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Raritan KVM - ML370G3 - Netware 6

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Tom Spafford
Occasional Visitor

Raritan KVM - ML370G3 - Netware 6

Just did my first Netware 6sp2 migration from a Compaq Proliant G2/NW4.11sp9 to a new Compaq Proliant G3/dual Xeon 2.8GHZ. The new server was configured with a local PS2 mouse & keyboard and local

After migration was complete and clean, moved the server into my Raritan KVM "chain" (KVM modules, with PS2 mouse/keyboard & VGA video connectors, daisy-chained via UTP to a central module). I have video, but no keyboard control. Other servers on the chain are fine.

Raritan had a technical bulletin on such a problem on Compaq G3 Proliants, they shipped me updated hardware module. Still didn't work.

Got latest system ROMPAQ from Compaq, flashed ROM. Interestingly, had mouse and keyboard control via KVM during the ROMPAQ flash update from bootable floppy.

Restarted server, no keyboard in Netware 6, just video.

I have put individual PS2 mice/keyboard/monitor on this server, all is

Any ideas?
Terry Hutchings
Honored Contributor

Re: Raritan KVM - ML370G3 - Netware 6

Try disabling the ILO in the rom based setup (ILO config) and see if anything changes.
The truth is out there, but I forgot the URL..
Tom Spafford
Occasional Visitor

Re: Raritan KVM - ML370G3 - Netware 6

iLO has been disabled from the start.

Did some (brief - production server!) troubleshooting this morning

On the Compaq Proliant ML370G3 dual Xeon 2.8GHZ:
(disabled the onboard PCI USB just in case)
1 - I have KVM support in Compaq RBSU (Rom Based Setup Utility)
2 - I have KVM support in Caldera DRDOS
3 - if I start the server with a SERVER -na, I have keyboard

So, I'm thinking "what's loading in AUTOEXEC.NCF that's disabling the KVM?"

However, I have an older Compaq Proliant ML370G2, single P3 1.2 GHZ that I had just done a pre-migration setup of NW6sp2,
and the KVM module works fine! Both mouse and keyboard!
Tom Spafford
Occasional Visitor

Re: Raritan KVM - ML370G3 - Netware 6

Took a second look at your answer. I had *assumed* iLO was disabled as I did not see an enabled status/entry in the RBSU.

Silly me, there's a seperate setup utility for iLO (how many setup utilities do we need?). It comes so early in the boot process that my monitor hadn't warmed up enough for me to see it.

Logged into iLO setup (after frantically searching for the login user/password - found on attached tag to server, gee that was clear!). Disabled iLO, booted into Netware 6, Raritan KVM module works perfectly.

Thanks you very much!