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Re: ML 330 G2 Shutdown Problems

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Re: ML 330 G2 Shutdown Problems


I'm having an issue with an ML 330 G2 in which
it randomly powers off on its account. There
seems to be no rhyme or reason as to when or
why it powers off. I've unsucessfully been able
to run diags to determine where the fault my lie and am wondering whether this is a known issue affecting the G2 line.

Best Regards


Re: Re: ML 330 G2 Shutdown Problems

Please check the IML logs on your server. If the server is up and running go to.what is the os running on the server? if the server is not up and running on os. Boot through the smart start cd and can view the logs. Normally if a server shuts itself off it means that it is an issue with the temprature. Use HP sim to view any events generated by your server.

Paul Mead
Occasional Visitor

Re: Re: ML 330 G2 Shutdown Problems

I am also suffering from a similar issue on an ML330 G2. We are running netware 6.0 SP5. This issue has occurred about 3 times this year, and we have yet to ascertain what is causing this issue. There is no indication within the IML (as in there is nothing logged on the last occasion that this occurred) and thus no indication that ASR (Automatic Server Restart) was invoked.

If anyone can shed any light or guide us as to how we can investigate further - thanks in advance.

Paul Mead.