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Re adding sata raid0 or raid 1 PCI board

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Re adding sata raid0 or raid 1 PCI board

My machine is ML330 g3 running Win2000 server Bios ver D15. This is the backup server and has capacity issues now. Investigating the cost of expanding existing non raid scsi drives seems rediculous cost to replace existing with similar drives. I have a PCI sata raid 1 card and 2 x 1TB sata drives installed now. Machine runs but won't boot from original wk2 drive when PCI sata card is installed. All back to fine when I remove it. The pci/sata card and drive are perfect in other machines. This sever is just for backup and standby should we lose the newer system so high speed raided scsi is wasted. This PCI sata should run in this machine if it functions elsewhere. Am I missing something obvious ?
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Re: Re adding sata raid0 or raid 1 PCI board

You have to reboot the server and interrupt the boot sequence and get in the BIOS. In one of the menus (boot options or something) look for a boot controller order and see if you can set it to the original controller and not the new PCI card.