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Re-arranging disks/volumes on production server, 350 532

Brian Mayo
Occasional Advisor

Re-arranging disks/volumes on production server, 350 532

ML350...oh, g3 I believe
SA532 controller.

History...had triple 73 gig drives in single RAID 5 volume, partitioned up for the OS which is SBS 2K3 Premium.

Drivespace getting tight....replaced each drive one at a time with triple 146 gig drives...once all 3 were replaced, utilized the free space with drive resizing software. This was done over a year ago or so.

Somehow during the swappage...whatever means of trying to perform the above...ended up with the 3x 146 gig drives in RAID 5 being seen in the RAID controller as "Logical Drive 2".

They are in bottom of tower...slot 0,1,2.

Ran fine for long period of time. So last week, in doing some restructuring of the server, I decided it would be a good idea to take one of the old 73 gig drives. So I slapped one in the top drive bay..slot 5. I let the SA create a new volume with it..saw it with the OS....and left it at that, wanting to reboot before doing anything else. The SA apparently saw the old drive with the original..."tags" I guess? Of Logical Drive 1..and attempted to boot from it. Naturally it failed. So I removed the drive...bootup still stumbled...reported as failed. So went into ORCA and deleted logical disk 1....server went and booted fine.

So...I'm guessing the RAID controller is reading some config file it originally left on those old original drives, and thinking they're the bootable volume. Question for the forums I able to clear that config on those old drives..add them. Or perhaps rename the existing RAID 5 volume which is currently logical disk 2..and make that the primary..then add a drive (or two for RAID 1) of the old drives.