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Re-build RAID 5 on failed drive (ML370)

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Re-build RAID 5 on failed drive (ML370)


I have a RAID 5 using 3 drives in my Proliant ML370. One of the drives failed. The system continued running as it should have. I got a replacement drive and inserted it into the proper slot. I immediately saw disk activity, but the online LED has not come on, and it hasn't started blinking. The disk activity light is the only one you see.

These drives are 146GB each and there is approximately 60GB of data used on the logical drives, so my 2 questions are:

1) Is it ok that the online LED is not on or blinking?

2) How long can I expect before the rebuild is done and everything is back to normal?

Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: Re-build RAID 5 on failed drive (ML370)

Depending on the OS you might have an Array Config Utility, you can see the progress of the rebuild using that.
On a Windows Server;
Programs->HP System Tools->HP Array Configuration Utility