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Real Time Clock Battery Failing

Miguel Moreno_1
Occasional Contributor

Real Time Clock Battery Failing

I just recently started getting a message on my Compaq Proliant 6000 PentiumPro 200 that the system configuration battery is low. this message appears on the LCD, but the CIM console shows "Real Time Clock Battery Failing". I believe this is the Cmos battery the message is referring to, but I'm not sure. the battery I received in the mail does not seem to match any part inside the server. Maybe i'm looking in the wrong place, Or maybe it's a miss-leading message? Please help.
Sunil Jerath
Honored Contributor

Re: Real Time Clock Battery Failing

Hello Miguel,
I am not sure as to which part did you receive but the correct part you should be looking for is:

4.5V Battery Replacement 296202-001

Honored Contributor

Re: Real Time Clock Battery Failing

Hi Miguel,

I have attached the procedure for the replacement battery from the PL6000 service manual.

This battery is a different type from the original and is fitted to a connector on the system board. You must also move the jumper at SW7 to EXT position. You can attach the battery to the system casing (See attachment).

I hope this helps,