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Rebuild Raid 1 on ML310 G5

Occasional Contributor

Rebuild Raid 1 on ML310 G5

After repair a hardware problem on our ML310G5 raid 1 (integrated sata raid) is not built and now i see another logical unit on windows 2003.
Before disaster our environment was:
Disk 0: sata 160Gb with os win 2003
Disk 1: sata 160gb (mirror of disk 0)
disk 3: data 250Gb
Disk 4: data 1Gb

disk 0 and 1 raid 1.

At this moment disk 1 is another logical unit and i want it back again "C" unit.

How i can to do this without destroy any data ?
Honored Contributor

Re: Rebuild Raid 1 on ML310 G5

It looks like the mirror of disk0 and disk1 is broken. You need to look into recombining the two disks into a mirror again.

Check out this guide