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Rebuilding from a saved DL320 SATA drive

Chaiya Ponmakha
Occasional Visitor

Rebuilding from a saved DL320 SATA drive

What is an easy way to rebuild a server with a preivously saved SATA drive? I acquired a new 80GB SATA drive for a DL320. I removed an old SATA drive from slot 1 and replaced it with a the new one I just purchased. When I booted the server again and ran the HP Storage Manager, I added the Hot spare HD and it started to rebuild.

Now, I want to revert back to the previous HD that I just took out. I shutdown the DL320, and remove the new HD from slot 1 and replace it with the original HD. When I boot up to Windows, I notice that there are 2 logical drives and 2 HD drives and I'm still running the lastest information which was on drive 0.

How can I get the server to boot with the information in drive 1 and disregard drive 0?
James ~ Happy Dude
Honored Contributor

Re: Rebuilding from a saved DL320 SATA drive

You can edit the boot sequence in boot.ini file.