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Recover raid 0+1

Data recovery
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Recover raid 0+1


I have hot swap 4 disk in raid 0+1 to change with other disks on a MSA 500. Because i don't have two files backed up i need to recover the old raid 0+1 volume. When i put the disk in the msa in same possition, the msa detect new disk and don't detect the old volume. Can i force with a smart array controller the rebuild of the raid, or can i have others forms to recover a lost raid 0+1 volume.

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Re: Recover raid 0+1

When you swapped the new 4 disks, you would have created a new array with RAID 0+1.

Since you had the same RAID configuration with the 4 older hard drives, the data would be intact, but since the volume is not recognized by MSA, you will need to configure the array with exact same settings. If all goes well, and if the drives are NOT re-initialized you will have your old volume back. This is a risky option as the drives contain valid data.