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Recover unrebuildable mirror set

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Recover unrebuildable mirror set

I have a ML530 G2 with smart array 6400 controller with 5 drives, 3 array A, B and C. The first array A is made of a 2 drives mirror set. The second is same as first. The last array C is by itself. Two days ago the drive 0 has failed, so I have replaced a new drive with failed drive 0. It started rebuilding and stopped at 18%. It showed ready for rebuild in insight manager. I have tried with another new drive thought that may be the first replacement was bad, but it is not. After looked at the log in the Array device in the device manager, it said the drive 1 which is the working drive for the first mirror has some read errors, so that's why rebuild was aborted. The concern I have is that set of mirror is for the boot drive C: for Windows 2000 and E: for data. It looks like I have to replace both drives for that mirror set since I can't get rebuild working. What is the best way to accomplish this and not touching other 2 array B and C. I am hoping some kind of imaging solution to another server...

thanks for your replies
Gary Antonio Benavides
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Re: Recover unrebuildable mirror set

You need to erase this logical, create it but do it in the BIOS, by pressing F8 to get into the Option Rom Configuration for Array (ORCA). There should be an option on the main menu "Select as boot controller" once there you can select the bootable logical drive and install the OS.
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