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Recovery BIOS

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Recovery BIOS

Hello ...

I have a problem with DL380 G5 and wanted to know if we can recover the BIOS. What I have seen on desktop boards, that the possibility of a bridge or jumper pin BBR and with the help of a floppy, cd, etc ... We can flash the BIOS.

I have some other option, in addition to the conventional procedure to do this?
Thank you
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Re: Recovery BIOS

Hi juanleca,

You can download the newest BIOS firmware for this system here:

The package will allow you to create a bootable floppy or CD to flash your BIOS ROM.

You can also switch over to use the current backup system ROM. Check this document:
Page 106 for details.

Page 87 of the maintenance guide here:
tells us that you can set the system maintenance switch to ON and boot to reset all current settings although this will not modify any ROM version or switch to the backup ROM.

Good luck!