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Recycling Windows 2003 Server O/S

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Ed Meadows

Recycling Windows 2003 Server O/S

I've currently got a DL360 G3 that I'm replacing with a DL380 (I think it's a G4) because I can't stand the DL360's fan noise any longer. You can even hear it outside the house, and that's even when the fans are at "normal" speed! When they're at high speed due to heavy processing load, its absolutely unbearable.

I've never before recycled an O/S of this caliber from one system to another. It's the BIOS-locked OEM HP Windows 2003 Server O/S CD variety.

1) Can I re-install this O/S on my "new" DL380 and get it up to SP3 via Windows updates while it still exists on the DL360? I want to run diagnostics on the DL380 for a while to make sure the hardware is ok before I decommission the DL360 and wipe the drives.

2) Is there any type of "un-registering" that I have to do with HP or Microsoft before I can recycle it?

I don't want to cause any issues with Microsoft in doing this.

Frequent Advisor

Re: Recycling Windows 2003 Server O/S

Hi Ed

Not to my knowledge we have done what your doing several times.

Aslong as it is a geniune copy of Win2003 and you dont have 2 servers running with the same product key.

Your not breaking any laws i know about.
Ed Meadows

Re: Recycling Windows 2003 Server O/S

Thank you for your response to my question.