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Red Alert on motherboard?? ML350-g3

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Red Alert on motherboard?? ML350-g3

This is a tough one! I have the above system and a known good motherboard. I was testing and system came up then stated no fan. So I plugged in the fan and thats when things went wrong. The system now just powers up with no video, a constant blue UID light, and you cant shut the system off with the power switch. I now just put in the plug and the system turns on, and there is a RED ALERT light on the motherboard and on the board it is written NB Alert next to that red light.
This is what I have done to try to fix the problem. I have swapped out the motherboard with a known good one, swapped out the power supply and power supply backplane with known good ones, and swapped out the cpu and vrm with known good ones. Still the red light comes on with the new motherboard. All of this has not worked! What is left? I am at a total loss here and cant find any info regarding that little red alert light. Please help. Thank you,Dave
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Re: Red Alert on motherboard?? ML350-g3

Has this one got everyone stumped? I find that hard to believe....
Prashant (I am Back)
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Re: Red Alert on motherboard?? ML350-g3

Hi Dave,

I can try, infact.

Refer to attach doc and tell is the led listed which is refered by you.

Run system erase using smartstart (Make sure hdd is disconnected and try to run the server with minimum hdd configuration.

Prashant S
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Re: Red Alert on motherboard?? ML350-g3

Thank you Prashant,

That didnt show the area nor describe a red light, just amber. This is bright red. Also as stated above I get no video, so I cant clear anything with the smart start. This one is very annoying and just stumps me.
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Re: Red Alert on motherboard?? ML350-g3


Are you sure that the front-panel power button cable to the motherboard is intact? Have a look at the pins on this connector in case they have jumped out of position. I would suggest the following as a test.

Install only CPU1 and VRM1.
Install identical dimms in slots 1 and 2 only (Check positons with lid diagram).
Remove both fans from their motherboard connectors.
No PCI devices installed.
Remove the floppy, IDE and any SCSI cables attached to the system board.
Install keyboard and video cable
No mouse cable (not needed)

Power on with switch position 6 on the system configuration switchpack in the on position (CMOS Reset -See lid for switchpack).

If it behaves differently to before....
Power off and set switch 6 back to the off position. Test again.
If OK add the fans.
If OK add floppy, IDE and SCSI cables
If OK add memory (If more installed)
If OK add CPU

Use this method to try and isolate the cause and go back one step to verify the last test again.

I hope this helps.