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Red Light Flashing on hard disk.

noor Parkar_1
Occasional Advisor

Red Light Flashing on hard disk.

Hi all,

on dl 380 g3 server, one hard disk failed. but when i replaced new hard disk. initially red light flashing appeared and then constant red led. new hard disk is good.

i have replaced backplane as well as system board having integrated raid controlelr array 5 controller. but it is still same.

what do you think gurus


Re: Red Light Flashing on hard disk.

What is the OS?
What is the firmware version for your hdd and your controller?

If you reply with the OS I can send you the link to update these.

This is not that uncommon on G3 servers if not updated
noor Parkar_1
Occasional Advisor

Re: Red Light Flashing on hard disk.

OS is win2k3 Enterprise edition

smart array 5i controller version 2.76 Which is updated.

hard disk version on another disk in mirroring (not the failed one) on the server is HPB2. i tried the new hard disk with HPB1 as well as HPB9.first i tried HPB9 then i tried with HPB1 SINCE i thought it is firmware issue.

when i inserted 7.91 it didnot ask me for hardware firmware upgrade. even when i tried 8.50. there also it didnot ask for harddisk firmware upgrade also

Re: Red Light Flashing on hard disk.

Have you tried a new HDD since the first change?
You could have a HDD that was about to fail.

Cabling will be the only thing left, and also clear the NVRAM on the server, just to make sure you are not carrying old errors on the Controller.

This is on the BIOS/advance
Do a clear NVRAM deleting boot disk,BUT REMOVE ALL THE HDD FIRST. this will erase also the memory on the controller and the BBWC.