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RedHat / KVM booting from internal SD Card

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RedHat / KVM booting from internal SD Card

Hi all engineers and other crazy IT people!

We are currently developing some proyects with HPE Proliant DL380 G9 servers. We plan to use them as hypervisors. This is the question i couldt't find answer for myself: is it possible to install linux (Redhat, CentOs, Debian) in the internal SD Card and boot from it. We plan to use KVM as hypervisors.

So, what about Dual 8Gb microSD Enterprise Midline USB device? Is it compatible with other OS than ESXi? If yes, are the sdcards limited to 8 Gb of size?

What you recomend for this kind of configuration?


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Re: RedHat / KVM booting from internal SD Card

I think it is not a good idea. This is storage requirements for hypervisor in RHEV:

Hosts require local storage to store configuration, logs, kernel dumps, and for use as swap space. The minimum storage requirements of Red Hat Virtualization Host are documented in this section. The storage requirements for Red Hat Enterprise Linux hosts vary based on the amount of disk space used by their existing configuration but are expected to be greater than those of Red Hat Virtualization Host.

Table 2.6. Red Hat Virtualization Host Minimum Storage Requirements

/ /home /tmp /boot /var /var/log /var/log/audit swap Minimum Total 6 GB 1 GB 1 GB 1 GB 15 GB 8 GB 2 GB 1 GB 32 GB


If you are also installing the RHV-M Virtual Appliance for self-hosted engine installation, the /var partition must be at least 60 GB.
You need 32GB of storage space for hypervisor and store swap and logs on flash-drive is realy bad idea