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Redhat Linux AS 4 U4 installation issue on ML110G4


Redhat Linux AS 4 U4 installation issue on ML110G4

There are two SATA HDDs in ML100G4 , and use embedded Sata Raid Controller to create raid 1 volume , but linux instllation process can't detect RAID 1 volume ,only can detect two SATA HDDs .
But Windows installation procedure is ok , windows can detect RAID 1 volume.

Provided below actions to customer:
1. download lastest embedded Sata Raid Controller from URL:

and run # "linux updates dd" after boot server with RHAS 4 U4 CDROM-1.

2. According UserGuide to re-create Raid 5 Volume:
1). Power up the server. If the server is already powered, save all data, exit all open applications, and restart.

NOTE: Enabling the RAID option in BIOS Setup Utility is only necessary for installation of the RAID driver. If

this option is not enabled, the OS loads the standard ATA driver from the OS media.

2). During POST, press the F10 key to launch BIOS Setup Utility. If you fail to press F10 before POST,

you will need to restart the server.

3). In the Advanced menu screen, select Advanced Chipset Control.

4). Select the Serial ATA field to Enabled.

5). Select the SATA Controller Mode Option>Enhanced field.

6). Set the SATA RAID Enable field to Enabled.

7). Press F10, then select Yes to save the changes and close BIOS Setup Utility. The server

automatically reboots.

8). Create a RAID volume

3. Upgrade BIOS to latest version: 2006.09.25 A

4. change Install OS=other in BIOS

but all above actions can't fix the issue.

anyone has idea about it ?

thanks for your help in advance !