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Reduce fan noise PCIe on DL380 G7

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Reduce fan noise PCIe on DL380 G7

Hello everyone, 

I have recently buy a DL380 G7 with 32go ram, 2*X5660, SSD... I use this as low cost Workstation.

This server is very quiet, when there are no PCIe card.

When I put USB 3.0 extension card on PCIe (it's work find) or other card, the server increase fan speed and make a lot of noise.

I don't find how I can disabled this parameters in BIOS.

The server is up to date, latest iLO 3, BIOS

Can you help me?


Sorry for my english, i'm french ;)


Re: Reduce fan noise PCIe on DL380 G7

After inserting the card and POST, check temperature sensors. If any sensor display "warning" state - that's theissue!

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Re: Reduce fan noise PCIe on DL380 G7


If you are able to access the Server  iLO, then check the Integrated Management Log for specific messages failure message or thermal event.
Update the ilo firmware to latest version and check if that makes any difference

Check moving the USB 3.0 extension card on another PCIe slot. If still fan runs at high speed then this indicates the additional card on the server requires more cooling.

In viewing troubleshooting from BIOS prespective we can check following setting under thermal configuration from RBSU/BIOS

==>Change RBSU/BIOS setting for Cooling from Maximum to Optimal and check the status.
You will find this option under Bios > Advanced Option > Thermal configuration.

Depending on the system, options may include:
• Optimal Cooling (default)—Provides the most efficient solution by configuring fan speeds to
the minimum required to provide adequate cooling.
• Increased Cooling—Operates fans at higher speeds to provide additional cooling.
• Maximum Cooling—Provides the maximum cooling available for the platform.

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