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Redundant Power Supply on ProLiant 5000

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Chris Stoneley
Frequent Advisor

Redundant Power Supply on ProLiant 5000

A few questions, wondering if anyone has the 5000 with the RPS and can give me some documentation or details:

Part Number: 163837-001 or 163828-001?
Where is it located?
Could I buy one and fit it or is there a 'kit' which includes other parts?

Any help appreciated!
Honored Contributor

Re: Redundant Power Supply on ProLiant 5000

Hi Chris,

Compaq parts usually have at least 2 part numbers, an Option (or sales) part number for add-ons and a Spare part number for service calls, used by engineers for repair etc.

163837-001 is the Option part number for the Redundant PSU for a Tower version of a few Proliant models including the 5000.
163828-001 is the Spare part number for the same item.

If you have a Rackmount version of the Proliant 5000 the parts are different.
They are: -
Option part number 169947-001
Spare part number 165628-001

This redundant PSU replaces the existing one. It doesn't fit anywhere else in the chassis if you thought that. It should come complete with either part number although the Option part number is more likely to include installation instructions etc.

I have attached an image of the monster.

HP Partsurfer has them at $935 so it is not a cheap item and is probably worth more than the server, given its age.

Try E-bay if you really need one.

I hope this helps.


Chris Stoneley
Frequent Advisor

Re: Redundant Power Supply on ProLiant 5000


Thanks for the detailed answer. I'm surprised it replaces the existing PSU (where does that give you redundancy?) or is it a rack/cage style one that takes two or three smaller PSU's like some of the later compaqs?

I was guessing looking at the case that it would fit (on the tower at least) at the bottom in front of the EISA cards - since there seem to be blanks to be removed there for external access from the back.

You live, you learn. I've actually had a quote for $235 but as you point out, still more than the $50 I paid for my server...
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Re: Redundant Power Supply on ProLiant 5000


Here is some detail on the redundant PSU.

Compaq Computer Corporation has made available a Redundant Power Supply Upgrade for the installed base of Compaq ProLiant Servers (both tower and rack-mountable) and Compaq ProLiant Storage Systems. The lifetime of redundant power supplies is expected to be approximately 5 times that of the current non-redundant power supplies. Details on the upgrade, as well as the upgrade part numbers and spare part numbers are provided in this advisory.

The redundant power supplies are designed to continue operating during failures that might cause power loss in most non-redundant power supplies. Features include:

N + 1 redundancy on most power components. This assures continued operation if a redundant component fails.

Power factor correction (not available for the storage unit power supply)

Visual notification of redundant supply faults
Compaq's redundant power supplies are tied into the overall ProLiant server management scheme. The supply provides local and remote methods of notifying an administrator when faults occur that force the supply into a non-redundant operating mode. The LEDs visible on the ProLiant front panel and from the rear of the chassis glow green to indicate normal redundant operation and glow amber to indicate post-fault, non-redundant operation.

The redundant power supply is fully instrumented so that a fault generates an SNMP alert. An administrator using Insight Manager or another SNMP-based management platform can receive the alert and schedule a convenient time to down the server and replace the power supply.

The redundant power supplies are housed in the same sized package as the installed base of power supplies. To remove the original power supply, refer to the Maintenance and Service Guides for Compaq ProLiant Servers and Compaq ProLiant (Rack-Mountable) Servers. Refer to the installation card that ships with the redundant power supply for installation procedures.

An Upgrade is available from Compaq. Use the part numbers listed below and order from your normal channels.