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Redundant Power supply in Proliant 2500?

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Redundant Power supply in Proliant 2500?

Yes, I know - the proliant 2500 is ancient! Here's my problem. I have a redundant power supply - I believe the PN is 283697-001. According to Compaq's site, this power supply is compatible with the 2500. However, I cannot figure out:

A. How it physically fits into the server's case. Is there a new back plate I need to order that it screws into? This new power supply is much larger than the original!

B. How the power switch hooks up. The original power supply has the power switch hard wired into it. Am I missing a cable or something? It's very odd...

Thank you in advance for any assistance. I really appreciate the help!
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Re: Redundant Power supply in Proliant 2500?


i have three 2500 down in the basement. I took a quick look at it and it looked like a big Powersupply. And i think the only way to place it is to open the Tower. Do you took the original power supply out of the tower?
Stephen Kebbell
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Re: Redundant Power supply in Proliant 2500?


I think it depends on what model of PL2500 you have. The redundant power supply option was only for the Pentium Pro 6/200 model with 512KB cache. Older PL2500s were a bit different internally, I think.

Here's some info I found:

This single Hot Plug Redundant 225W power supply is one of three identical power supplies that come standard in the Hot Plug Redundant Power Supply Option Kit, 480083-001.

This kit comes with a power supply cage that accomodates a total of three power supplies and replaces the server's standard NHP, and non redundant power supply. This Option Kit is also available for the ProLiant ML370. Option P/N: 480083-001 replaces the original Option P/N for the ProLiant 2500's Hot Plug Redundant Power Supply: 283697-001.

480083-001 was designed for and comes standard with 512KB Cache models of the ProLiant 2500.

Important: Earlier models of the ProLiant 2500 with 256KB of Cache may accomodate the 480083-001 HP, Redundant Power Supply Option Kit, but it is not recommended since it is not certain that it can always be installed due to the possibility of mechanical issues. 480083-001 is designed for 512KB Cache models of the ProLiant 2500.

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Re: Redundant Power supply in Proliant 2500?

I have been checking around for a redundant PS that will fit my apparently older PL2500. I have come up with this part number: 300941-001

Below is a link to the auction where I discovered this:

This one appears to be the standard PL2500 power supply dimensions. So it should ideally fit, but I am not sure about the connections...

Thanks again for your help.
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Re: Redundant Power supply in Proliant 2500?

ALSO, I found this information elsewhere:

"I've got a ProLiant 1600/550MHz & ML370/600MHz that I'm trying to change out the standard power supply for the Hot Plug Cage w/ 3 Redundant Supplies. Has anyone done this successfully? I've got the parts from Compaq (297989-001(cage) & 283623-001(Redundant power supply x 3)) but am having trouble figuring out the wiring. The standard supply has a cable that runs from the supply to the Power Switch (the button you press to turn the server on). The Redundant Power Supply Cage has no such cable.

I spoke with Compaq Tech Support for an hour and the tech suggested that I order Spare Part Number 271929-001 which is a new power switch, but looks exactly like what's in the servers now. What a PITA...

If you've done this before I'd appreciate your help."

and the same guy posted a "problem solved" reply to his question:

"Problem solved. Evidently when changing from the standard 325W power supply to the hot-plug cage w/ redundant supplies you need a new cable that goes from the power switch module to the system board, as this is hard wired onto the standard supply, but doesn't ship with the hot-plug cage.

PN 283689-002"

Please note that he was not using a Proliant 2500, but I am guessing that it may be a possibility that the same thing will work? I honestly do not care if it mounts correctly - just so long as it connects and works. It can hang out the back for all I care!

Keep in mind that this is in regard to the RPS I already acquired (283697-001), not the one mentioned in my last post.

Anyone had any experience with this?