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Redundant Processor for ML530 Not working

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Tom Woiccak
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Redundant Processor for ML530 Not working

I have an old ML530 (I will assume that it is a G1) wit a P3 800Mhz/133/256 S2 5/12V. The heat sync is gold. I purchased a redundant processor with all of the same specs. When I put it in After recognizing the 2 CPS and doing the memory check, it displays "Unsupported Processor Detected". THe noly difference I see between the 2 is the number on the top of the units. The original is Foxconn 17616-003 E and the new one is Foxconn 17616-003 F. Can anyone help me make them work together or tell me what to look for when purchasing a redundant processor for this ML530.

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Re: Redundant Processor for ML530 Not working

Hi Tom,

You need newer system BIOS to support the stepping level of the added CPU. It is quite common to get the "Unsupported CPU" error as the BIOS checks that the installed CPU's match what it is expecting. Newer BIOS includes newer revision CPU (Stepping) support from Intel.

Here is a link to the last version of BIOS for the ML520G1 server.

How to apply:-
Remove the new CPU
Update the BIOS
Install the new CPU

This should work OK if the CPU is a Compaq supported one.

I hope this helps.