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Redundant power supply shows minor warning - ML350

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Redundant power supply shows minor warning - ML350

We have an ML350 G6 with two power supplies, but one of them is showing as a fault of a kind the legend refers to as 'minor'. However, it reports that it is present, redundant and has no error, see the following screen shot:


minor redundant power fault.jpg


What I can't see is what it's actually telling me. What is the minor fault?


Thanks in advance.



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Re: Redundant power supply shows minor warning - ML350



It could be either power supply itself or power supply backplane or the power cord.

Take a look at this link for the spare parts.

Part 13 is the Power Supply and Part 21 is the Power Supply backplane.


What you could do is, take server offline, swap the power supplies, i.e. put power supply 1 into slot 2 and power supply 2 in slot 1.

Then switch on the server and check the SMH, see if error follows slot or power supply.


Thank You!
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