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Reg: G5 vs G6 performance issue

Sundar rajan_1
Occasional Visitor

Reg: G5 vs G6 performance issue

I have a G5 & G6 with the following configuration

G5 Server configuartion:

Server Model : ML350
Hard Disk : 3 x 72 GB (Raid 5) with 15 k RPM SAS
Smart Array : P400
RAM : 2 GB
Cache Size : 512 MB
CPU : Dual core

G6 Server configuartion:

Server Model : DL380
Hard Disk : 3 x 146 GB (Raid 5) with 10 k RPM SAS
Smart Array : P400
RAM : 8 GB ( Having windows 2003 OS, so its taking only 4 GB)
Cache Size : 512 MB
CPU : Quad core

I have my application in these servers (Contains sybase database), when i am loading bulk amount of data in G5 & G6 server ( 5 GB of data insertion in database).

Performance of G5 server is much better than G6 server. G5 server is taking 19 hours, but G6 server is taking around 29 hours.

Then i am trying to load some small amount of data in these servers( 1/20 th of the above data), but in this case the performance of G6 server is better.

G6 server is taking 1hr 45min, but G5 server is taking 2 hrs.

I know due to HDD RPM speed difference, G5 will perform better than G6,but in the 2nd case the G6 performance is better.

The behaviour of these servers are unpredictable?
Can anyone help me?


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Re: Reg: G5 vs G6 performance issue

if your proccess make a intensive use of the disk the diference of the speeds is the diference.

I think that the frist job use more the disk, and the second proccess use less disk and more % of processor ...

Sundar rajan_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: Reg: G5 vs G6 performance issue

Hello Daniel,

Thanks for your quick reply.

Actually, the jobs exceuted in both the cases are same.

Only difference is the amount of data insertion in sybase.

Your suggestion please?

Re: Reg: G5 vs G6 performance issue

I tink that the problem is the writes on diks. in the sort proccess the %of writes is less that the %writes in the long process, and fot this is for the sortest process run faster in the G6, but the longest porcess run more slouly.

If you can reinstall the G6 i sugest to make a Raid 1+0 whit 2 disk for better performance that Raid 5 and run the jobs.

reply me whit the results.

good luck!