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Reg light on New Server


Reg light on New Server

Morning All

I have in come in this morning when i boot the Hp proliant up I get a reg light and a beeping sound on the second light down on ML350 G5 server what dowes this mean?
Honored Contributor

Re: Reg light on New Server

You should read the documentation. It should have come with the server on a CDROM disc. If you've misplaced it, all the documentation is available through a simple, easy-to-remember URL;

The User Guide for your server (direct link):

Page 8, "Front panel LEDs and buttons" says the second LED from the top is the internal health LED.
If it's red... "System critical. To identify the component in a critical state, refer to system board LEDs (on page 13)."

You may also wish to read the Maintenance and Service Guide for your server (it covers the actual part removal/replacement instructions):

And a generic Troubleshooting Guide for Proliant servers (with handy diagnostic flowcharts for the situations when the indications are not clear enough and a rigid methodical approach is needed):

Page 27 of this document seems the most appropriate for this situation.