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Regarding server problem of internal external health

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Regarding server problem of internal external health

we have a HP ML350 G5 which shuts down automatically.

Both the internal and external health LED on the front panel is blinking red when this happens.

If I re-insert the power cord the server works again, but after some hours or days it shuts down again.


Please anyone help me










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Re: Regarding server problem of internal external health



It can be everything. You can try following:


disconnect the ups , if you have one

check the PSUs, replace these if you have some spares

run the server with min config - remove all the PCI cards and external devices





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Re: Regarding server problem of internal external health



I have the exact same issue as described above on my ML-350 G5 server. I'll try to let you know what I have done so far (without resolution):


  • Disconnected the power from UPS and into a different wallsocket.
  • Removed all "extra" PCI cards (no PCI cards are installed at this point).
  • Removed all memory modules leaving only 1 x 4GB module in (tried a couple of different modules to make sure that the one already inserted is not broken or bad.
  • Check all fans
  • Ran diags to ensure that CPU or RAM is not bad (no errors detected).
  • Changed the power cord.
  • Cleaned the entire chasis for dust and made sure all moveable parts (fans) are running as they should.
  • Removed SAS-drives not needed.

Despite all my effort the server randomly reboots. Sometimes it takes an hour - other times it barely shows the "HP Logo" boot screen.


On some occations the LED (on the front panel) for "Internal Health" is red. On other occations it's not (I know, very confusing).


I sincerely hope you can give me some insight or things to do next.