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Reinsatalation of NT server on ML370

Dermot Tackaberry
Occasional Contributor

Reinsatalation of NT server on ML370

I'm trying to re-install NT server on an Compaq ML370 (800/133) so as to promote it to a PDC of a new domain. However the NT install says there are no hard drives on the system. During boot up the compaq Smart Array 431 controller does appear to function and there are 3 18GB hard drives on the system.

any suggestion as to what I'm doing wrong or what software I need. I've tried the compaw SSD for NT and SmartStart but to no avail.

Occasional Visitor

Re: Reinsatalation of NT server on ML370

Download the latest NT drivers for that particular Smart Array Controller and stick them on a floppy.

When booting from the NT CD (assuming that's how you are installing NT) as soon as setup begins (Just after "Inspecting your computer hardware" is displayed), press F6. This will then allow you to specify an additional device, such as your controller.

Point setup at the floppy and you should be OK. Failing that, you probably just have a hardware fault with the controller.
Dermot Tackaberry
Occasional Contributor

Re: Reinsatalation of NT server on ML370


Thanks for the info. Further digging on the forum came up with the same answer and I was able to resolve the issue. Then came up against a blue screen due to incorrect identification of the NIC drivers but was also able to resolve that one.

Thanks again