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Remote Insight Board won't uninstall

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Remote Insight Board won't uninstall

I took an identical system and removed one of the mirrored drives, replacing it with a blank one. CPQ array rebuilt it. I removed the new "rebuilt one" and replaced with a blank one. Again, it rebuilt the RAID. (i was very impressed with this functionality).

So i now had two identical compaq 1U DL360s. The one and only difference between the two is that the new one does not have a Remote Insight Board installed on it, BUT, it does have the software installed for it.

I can't seem to remove it no matter what i try. The only thing that seems like it removes it is Compaq Server Agent installation from Mgmt CD. I can remove the Remote Insight Information, but no board. It is not listed as hardware anywhere on the system.

I want to get rid of this pesky message about CPQRIB not loading when the server starts.

Any suggestions?

My question (in short form) is how do i remove the compaq remote insight board software from my compaq server?

thanks in advance.

Kip Tobin
Network Engineer
Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: Remote Insight Board won't uninstall

Have you checked in Control Panel - Devices for the Remote Insight driver? Otherwise, try running the NT 4.0 SSD on this system and see if the driver is listed there.

The last (potentially dangerous) option is to edit the registry and find the Remote Insight driver in there.