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Remote Insite Board

John Rowan_2
Regular Advisor

Remote Insite Board

I have two older servers with EISA based remote insite boards (RIB), both have modems on them. I try dialing into them and they do not answer the phone. I have verified the phone line works and the RJ11 plug is connected to the RIB.

I have another server with a PCI based RIB. This one has both RJ45 LAN and RJ11 jacks. When I dial into the PCI based board it answers after the first ring but I get garbage on the screen. I verified the settings were 57600 8N1 on the server and in Hyper Terminal. I changed hyperterminal's speed up to 115000 and all the way down to 300 baud dialing each time I made a change but always getting garbage. I changed the terminal settins from tty to ansi to VT100 etc but always the same garbage when I dial into the server.

I guess I have two questions then:
Why are the EISA based RIB equipted servers not answering ?
Why do I get garbage when the PCI based board answers?
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Re: Remote Insite Board

You have three servers that when they are connected to the same phone line get garbage... The phone line is suspect.

Replace the cable or re-terminate the ends, at least;
Check the phone switch;
Check your phone switch settings;

try a different line all together.
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John Rowan_2
Regular Advisor

Re: Remote Insite Board

Let me clarify. Two servers are at a client's location, different city. Third server is sitting next to me. Three different phone lines (the one on the computer I'm dialing out on, the one in the client's office, the second one on the computer here I'm dialing into). I have used the phone line on the computer I'm dialing out on to successfully dial into other computers, but not into RIB based modems.
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Re: Remote Insite Board

Hi John,

Have you tried an alternative terminal emulation program such as Keaterm or Powerterm? These offer more choices than Hyperterminal which has many limitations.

You can evaluate Powerterm here...

I think the older EISA cards may have a configuration issue if they won't auto-answer. E-mail me at and I'll forward on the EISA and PCI guides along with some troubleshooting tips for the cards which might help.

One question......Have they ever worked?


John Rowan_2
Regular Advisor

Re: Remote Insite Board

Well, I went to the customer's office yesterday with my laptop. I hooked the phone cord to the laptop's modem and tried dialing into the Windows XP / Hyperterminal I'd entered ATS0=1 into. I could hear the phone ringing on the handset I'd dialed from but the laptop sat there. I substituted a different phone cord and bing, lapotp answered first ring. Put the new cord into the server's EISA board and first ring it answered. Every time I dial into the server it picks up on the first ring. It was the phone cord on that device.

A question though. Why does it take a minute for the remote insite board to ask for my ID and password? Every time I dial into it it picks up right away but sits there for a full minute before it asks for my id and password.

Now to add insult to injury. I can't find the special keyboard cable to connect the RIB to the system's keyboard interface. My only option available without the cable is to reboot the machine. Granted this is a step in the right direction but this will only cause problems with the Linux file system if I keep rebooting without a graceful shutdown.

I searched Ebay and Yahoo but can't find a source for a replacement keyboard interface. Please help.