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Remote Monitor Service Hung

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Jay Leinart
Occasional Visitor

Remote Monitor Service Hung

I am getting an error in the event log "The Compaq Remote Monitor Service hung on starting" (Event ID 7022) on both nodes of my W2K Advanced Server Cluster. The servers are DL380-G3 with the current service packs and management agents. How do I go about correcting this error?
Terry Hutchings
Honored Contributor

Re: Remote Monitor Service Hung

Is this error only happening when the server is rebooted? What happens if you attempt to manually start it afterward?

This is a timing issue with the Remote Monitor Service and will be corrected with Support Pack 6.3.
The truth is out there, but I forgot the URL..
S. Alec Eymer
Occasional Visitor

Re: Remote Monitor Service Hung

I recieved the same error, irregardless of remote monitor service version. I also had in my event log errors indicating that the perfdisk had a timing issue. To resolve that error, I installed the Perfdisk Performance Registry Update Utility, SP19864. After the reboot BOTH issues resolved themselves (i.e. the remote monitor error no longer appeared). If you're getting the perfdisk errors, give it a try...

Kevin Cost
Occasional Visitor

Re: Remote Monitor Service Hung

Believe it or not.......

After booting Windows 2000 the 'Compaq Remote Monitor Service' hangs on starting

Error: Service Control Manager Event ID 7022 "The Compaq Remote Monitor Service service hung on starting."
Error occurs only on boot yet service does eventually start and function correctly.

MS Windows 2000 Datacenter Server
MS Windows 2000 Advanced Server
MS Windows 2000 Server
Service pack 2
Datacenter Baseline 2A
ProLiant 8500
Compaq Remote Monitor Service

Since applying customised security template


Setting the Spooler service to Automatic resolves the problem.


The spooler service had been disabled in the security template. Spooler,4,"D:(A;OICI;GA;;;WD)"


Solution ID: 215.0.126011298.3639694