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Remote server monitoring (ProLiant DL580 g2)

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Remote server monitoring (ProLiant DL580 g2)

Can you please tell me how can i remotely monitor the server? It has installed RILOE II.


I want to be able to see tech specs as power consumption, temperatures and that sort of stuff.

The server has windows 2008 standard edition installed. I was thinking that this will happen trough SNMP, but is it possible to use RILOE II SNMP to deliver the data. RILOE II and the server have two different real static IPs. If it is possible to use SNMP how do I configure it? I read over the HP forums, tech pdfs and internet site but can't get a clue to how to create this monitoring.


Every help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Marti Markov


Re: Remote server monitoring (ProLiant DL580 g2)



Have you checked the "SNMP alerts and settings" in the RiLOE userguide?


Host OS Generated SNMP Traps - The Insight Management agents provided for each supported network operating system generate these alerts. These agents must be installed on the host server to receive these alerts. Alerts are sent to Insight Manager clients on the network and forwarded asynchronously by RILOE II to users that have been configured to receive them.


Remote Insight Board Alerts - These alerts are generated when RILOE II detects conditions that are independent of the host server operating system. These alerts can be Insight Manager SNMP traps or pager alerts. Alerts include major events, such as a host server power outage or host server reset, and RILOE II events, such as a disconnected keyboard cable or an unauthorized login attempt.

1. Log in to the RILOE II using an account with administrator privileges.
2. Click SNMP Settings on the Administration tab.
3. Click Yes for the alert types that you want to receive.
4. Enter the IP addresses to send the alerts to in the SNMP Trap Destinations field.
5. Click Apply SNMP Settings.

Generating Test Alerts
Test alerts are generated through the Manage Alerts option in the Administration section. These alerts include Systems Insight Manager SNMP traps and are used to verify the network connectivity of the RILOE II in Systems Insight Manager.
To send out a test alert:
1. Click SNMP Settings on the Administration tab.
2. Click Send Test Trap. If a trap destination is not provided, an error message displays.
3. After generating the alert, a confirmation screen appears.
4. If the alert system is working correctly, an alarm screen displays advising you that an alert has been received.


Disabling Alerts
1. Log in to the RILOE II using an account with administrator privileges.
2. Click SNMP Settings on the Administration tab.
3. Click No for the alert types that you want to disable.
4. Click Apply SNMP Settings.

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Re: Remote server monitoring (ProLiant DL580 g2)

I was trying those settings but still can't figure out how to connect to RILOE II. What software should I use? What is the SNMP community name(is it public)? How to configure the manager(the monitoring computer) to get all the information I need? How to configure the server to send the temperatures, fan speed, power consumption?


Re: Remote server monitoring (ProLiant DL580 g2)

SNMP community name = Public


To configure RiLOE2:
The ROM-based setup utility F8 (RBSU F8) allows you to configure RILOE II during server boot-up.
RBSU F8 is useful for configuring servers that do not use DNS/DHCP. RBSU F8 is available every time the server is booted. RBSU F8 cannot run remotely.


ROM-Based Setup Utility F8
RBSU F8 allows you to set up the RILOE II during server boot up. However, RBSU is not accessible through the RILOE II Remote Console. It can only be accessed locally at the server.
1. Restart or power up the server.
2. Press the F8 key to enter RBSU when the cursor flashes and the RILOE II prompt displays on the screen.
3. Make and save any necessary changes to the RILOE II.
4. Exit the RBSU.


Installing RILOE II device drivers
The RILOE II Management Interface Driver enables system software, such as SNMP Insight Agents and the Terminal Services pass-through service, to communicate with RILOE II.
The device drivers required to support RILOE II are part of the PSP located on the SmartStart CD or the, Management CD, or on the HP website (
All the support drivers for your server and RILOE II can be downloaded from the HP website (


To download the device drivers:
1. Click the RILOE II graphic.
2. Select Software and Drivers.

Accessing RILOE II for the first time
RILOE II is preconfigured with a default user name, password, and DNS name. A network-settings tag that shows the default values is attached to the board. Use these values to access the board remotely from a network client using a standard browser. For security reasons, HP recommends that you change these default settings after accessing RILOE II for the first time.
Default values:
• User name: Administrator
• Password: The last eight digits of the serial number
• DNS name: RIBXXXXXXXXXXXX, where the 12 Xs are the MAC address of RILOE II
NOTE: User names and passwords are case sensitive.

To login into RiLOE 2: Enter RILOE II IP address or DNS name in the address bar of the browser.




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