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Removable drives in ML350 for backup/DR

Innes Fisher
Occasional Visitor

Removable drives in ML350 for backup/DR

I'm looking at options for DR of our production virtual server environment. One that has some appeal would involve backing up each virtual machine to removable disk which could then be shipped to our DR location. I am looking at utilising an ML350 as a separate backup server which would take one or two removable disks.

Is this a possible scenario?

Would having 2 SATA removable drives for the backups, as well as a 2 mirrored system disks for the OS and backup app, work?

It sounds feasible, but past experience has taught me that it doesn't always work out that way in practice.

Is anyone else using a similar approach?

Many thanks,
Innes (NZ)
Frequent Advisor

Re: Removable drives in ML350 for backup/DR

Hi Innes:

I hesitate to guess without knowing how many drives you have. Do you have both drive cages and if so are they both filled?

It sounds like you might have extra drive slots available and ghosting might be an option. However you'd really have to do that frequently to make sure you have everything backed up.

What we use on those types of boxes - ML530 - is backup software from BakBone. I install a client on the server to be backed up and can do full backups, raw backups, incremental backups - whatever flavor I want.

Our backup server is a higher performing desktop. We started out hooking an autoloader up to it then later bought an external NexSan disk array to back up to. It's slick and I must say it's been very relaible. I've worked in a few shops and haven't seen anything better.

Innes Fisher
Occasional Visitor

Re: Removable drives in ML350 for backup/DR

Hi Scott,

We use Symantec NetBackup for our day to day back ups to 3 LTO drives. We're installing a new separate backup server shortly so I'm trying to anticipate what we might need for DR.

What I'm trying to do is come up with an cost effective way to capture snapshots of our VMWare servers so that we can ship them off to a standby DR site.

One option I thought worth considering was to dump them on to removable drives. Easy to move and easy to plug in when needed.

Someone did mention using iSCSI as another way of doing the same thing.