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Remove HP Insight Agents after P2V

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Remove HP Insight Agents after P2V



I've just done a P2V from a Windows 2003 prolian server to a vmware virtual machine.

I use this script to uninstall all the HP agent :

I've also uninstall manually some application (via Add/Remove programs).

After having done that, I've stil the following services on my virtual machine : 


On the ADD/Remove Program windows, I have only the following HP application : 


When I try to uninstall it, I have the following error : 

So I can uninstall it...

Can you help me to properly remove all the HP agent from the virtual machine ?




Re: Remove HP Insight Agents after P2V

Hi AntonyZEL

Agents are not compatible with virtual machines, as VM do not have any physical hardware.

Its always better to uninstall the agents at initall stage  before performing the P2V, now in your situation as you have already done the P2V  the reason is when you try to uninstall these agents it will look for the installer files from the path or try to read from registry and if it cant find those services, registry entries you may not be able to uninstall the agents. Hence you would get those errors.

I would see the only option is to re-do the P2V again by first unisntalling the agents from P and then creating another new VM and perform the P2V.

Few links for your reference

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