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Remove MSA50 form system without shutdown

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Henderson Wood
Occasional Advisor

Remove MSA50 form system without shutdown

I have two MSA50
One is connected to Port 1 of a P800 and the other is Connected to Port 2 of the P800. The MSA50 connected to port 2 will be removed from the System. All 10 drives in the MSA50 on port 2 are unassigned. The 10 drives on Port 1 are all assigned and being used.

Question, can I now physically disconnect the MSA50 on port 2 without rebooting the system are causing a desruption of the MSA on port 1?

kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: Remove MSA50 form system without shutdown


yes you can, if the disks in the MSA50 on that P800 port are not configured as you say, then there is nothing to do at the Operating System level and you can safely remove the connection between the P800 and MSA50, the Operating System will not be aware since there is no active filesystem on that MSA50.

If there were disks configured in an array and logical drives were created and a file system created on it, then obviously you would have to work first from the Operating System and downwards to the array controller to remove all partitions, logical drives and array's (in that order) before you can safely disconnect the MSA50.

If you are unsure which port is which, when the ACU utility is started and you select the array that is on the MSA50 that needs to stay, then all the leds on the disks that are part of that array will lit up blue, the other MSA50 will stay unlit.