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Remove drive from RAID 5 array


Remove drive from RAID 5 array

DL380 G3 with a 5i controller. I have a raid 5 array on 4 disks with enough space to use only 3 disks. Is it possible to on-the-fly remove a drive and reconfigure the array to use only 3 disks?
Andrew Young_2
Honored Contributor

Re: Remove drive from RAID 5 array


Depending on your OS the answer is usually no.

The array control utilities provided by HP do not allow you to do this as they trash the partition table. There may be some 3rd party utilities for Windows that do allow this, but I don't know of any. I doubt there will be any for Linux. Even if these do exist I would still anticipate for having to redo the disks because if something goes wrong thats what you may have to do to recover.

The recommended route is to backup, resize, restore.


Andrew Y
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