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Remove drives from SmartArray 642

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Remove drives from SmartArray 642

I have a ML370 with a SmartArray 642. There were 2x 146GB drives in RAID 1+0.

I added 2x 300GB drives with the intention of creating another 1+0 array but accidentally (I was on the phone) ADDED them to the existing array.

The expansion process has completed successfully and I now have the expected 280GB (2x 140GB striped areas) Unused Space available.

How can I undo this process and remove the 300GB drives from the array? I have made no other changes to the original array. Its also a boot volume so backup/restore options would be less than ideal.

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Re: Remove drives from SmartArray 642


so if the expand ended, yes you will have that unused so if you select that unused space you will able to create a new logical drive (cklick on that and see)

but you can not redo that action only the action I described before

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Re: Remove drives from SmartArray 642

I managed to recover all the 'wasted' space (I was facing losing 146GB).

I converted the array to RAID 5 and then added a new logical drive in the recovered space.