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Removing DL380 g6 and g7 from rack.

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Removing DL380 g6 and g7 from rack.

I don't know where the rail kit instructions got off to, or if the instructions were provided with either server, which we bought refurbished. I can't see any markings or indications or features on the rails that would indicate how to get the server to slide out past the first stop at about 12-3/8 inches or how to release it from the rails. The rail kit of the g7 is product number 616992-001. I've searched high and low and found no usable help. The g6 looks the same as the g7, so I guess the product number for that rail kit will be similar, if not identical.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Removing DL380 g6 and g7 from rack.

You need to press the release tabs at the middle of the rails on both sides.



Hope this helps!

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Re: Removing DL380 g6 and g7 from rack.

The documentation for these rails was only available "in the box".  If you would like it; please email me.  Personal Info Erased

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