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Removing Processor from DL380 G4 - HELP

Occasional Contributor

Removing Processor from DL380 G4 - HELP

I can't find any videos online specifically about removing CPU's from the DL380G4.

I found one on the G3. They show how to lift the blue levers on the side. But mine won't budge. I'm guessing its different with the G4?

Any ideas?
Andrew Gladstone
Valued Contributor

Re: Removing Processor from DL380 G4 - HELP


The process is the same - the retainer clips on the side of the CPU cage need to be lifted first. Once they are listed and the retaining cage is opened, you need to lift the yellow locking lever that keeps the cpu locked in the socket.

It sounds like you have run into something that i have run into 100's of times - clips that will not budge.

Take my advice as coming from someone who does this daily - pull as hard as you can on the clips - I know you probably are reluctant to do so with sensitive equipment - but trust me, you will not break anything.
Give it a try.
Good Luck!