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Removing RAID 1+0

Amit Dattani
Occasional Visitor

Removing RAID 1+0


I have a HP Prolaint DL360 G4p server which has two 146GB disks which are configured over RAID 1+0.

I would like to remove the RAID so it is running over NO RAID. I am in desperate need for the additional 146Gb.

Is this possible? and if so, is it just a simply a case of deselecting the tick box in the array config??

Thanks in advance

Steven Clementi
Honored Contributor

Re: Removing RAID 1+0

I've never actually done this, and I am not sure if yo ucan even migrate back to RAID0, but I would think that you would first need to fail the drive, then try to migrate to RAID0. It should be a very quik process since a single drive from a 2 disk array is technically RAID0.

or, you might only need to migrate the RAID0 (using the ACU), the you would have the extra space available to you, BUT.... this would keep the data on both drives which potentially an be detrimental if 1 drive fails.

The better config to have would be 2 arrays with 1 disk each. if one fails, you lose either OS OR Data, not both.
Other options:

1. Image the server, rebuild the array and restore the image.

2. Replace the 146's with 300's effectively giving you an additional 146GB.

3. Can't think of any other options at this time.

Steven Clementi
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