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Re: Repalce HDD failed at HP BLC460 G8


Repalce HDD failed at HP BLC460 G8


I have failed HDD on my Server .

when i repalced HDD still failed ( degraded (predictive failure)  ) and i noticed that the HDD firemware is HPD9 and the old one was HPD7

Please check attached PIC

please support



Re: Repalce HDD failed at HP BLC460 G8

Hi meero,

For driver model EG0600FBDBU, HPD9 is the recommended version. That should not cause the drive to go into Predictive Failure.

Some of the reasons why the issue might be happening

1. Very old frmware on the array controller (I see 3.04 in the picture). If the controller is P220i, use firmware 8.32

2. Excessive medium errors on the mirrorred pair drive (1I:1:2) which is getting copied to the new drive after installing and rebuilding

3. The drive bay or any of the connections points might have problem.
This includes a) Drive backplane b) SAS controller port c) System board

For points 2 and 3, we need to look at an ADU report.

I am an HPE employee